The Circus Circus Poker Room is Disappoting

One of the mysteries of the Las Vegas poker community is the poker room at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. When most people think of the scene at Circus Circus, an annoying thought comes to mind. Movies depict this casino as being a place where clowns and children alike run rampant without adult supervision. Hollywood also gives a view of a casino that isn’t exactly conducive for serious gambling. When I went to Las Vegas, I had to see for myself.
The location of the poker room is favorable since it sits right at the front of the casino. That’s a must for a place like this, as people probably aren’t willing to search for a poker room with such a lackluster reputation. The room itself is very small, only able to accommodate a few players at a time. Luckily for the folks at Circus Circus, they only have a few players who want to play at a given time. In the room, players are greeted by a smoky and dark ambiance. The tables are somewhat worn and they do not feature auto-shufflers, which have become commonplace in Las Vegas casinos in 2007.

If there is one reason to head to the poker room at situs idn poker apk terbaik Circus Circus, it is to take in softer play than in any other casino on the Strip. Most good poker players like to head to these smaller casinos in order to capitalize on the weak play, but it seems that the good players simply think Circus Circus is below them. Because of this, the tables are often filled with only bad players who simply have no idea what they are doing. Obviously, there is a chance that a good player could be lurking somewhere, but more times than not, tables at this casino are filled with fishy players.

While this room might lack a little bit in size or overall quality, it does a lot of things really well. The biggest problem that the Circus Circus has to overcome is a certain stigma that is often associated with its customer base. Sure, there are lots of kids and families running around, but the economy-minded traveler can also have a good time there. On weekdays, it is not uncommon to find room rates below $70. In this poker room, you might have a hard time finding games, though. The poker room offers no consistent no-limit game and only a couple of limit hold ’em games. If there is enough interest, they have no problem putting together a no-limit game, though.

If you have a family or you are on a budget, consider staying at the Circus Circus. If you are a poker player looking for some easy money, go dominate their tables. Overall, it’s not a must-see place in Las Vegas, but it is a venue where you could have a very nice time.

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